Updates on COVID-19

A Message from Rapid First Plumbing – COVID-19

***UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Service hours are 7A to 7P***

With the spread of COVID-19 and the unprecedented circumstances we face together, we understand the importance of our role in your life.  Safe drinking water and a healthy sanitary sewer system are essential services.

It would be great if we could solve our commitment to our clients and the communities we serve by working remotely or by video conferencing as have many businesses. Even with today’s technological advances, plumbing is still a “hands-on required” service.

Across the country, dramatic steps are being put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19.  At Rapid First Plumbing, we are working to educate on prevention and precaution proactively.  We are altering our behaviors when entering a home or business based on recommendations emphasized.  Our efforts are all to continue to be available should you need help with a plumbing emergency.

As one of these precautions, our plumbers will respect your space and keep a safe distance from you while working at your home or business. We ask for a cooperative spirit in kind.

We have been practicing with one another, and acknowledge this is an awkward process.  We will all become more comfortable with safe distances as we engage this essential new practice.

We have closed the office to non-personnel.  A combination of remote and in-house team members are handling calls for service. 

We are grateful for the willing spirit of our team to continue to be there for those who need plumbing assistance, and we will continue to do everything we can to be available should the need arise. 

 We thank you for your continued loyalty.