Flush, Drain, and Clean

Sacramento Plumbing Guidance 

California is re-opening and there are things to consider for a healthy drainage system. For businesses that have been closed for many months, we welcome you back. Having your entire water supply and drainage systems flushed is a high priority. The goal is to eliminate stagnant water and possible debris from all plumbing and to identify any possible problems.

  • Run water through all faucets and fixtures, hot and cold; however, to prevent possible flooding, avoid letting all the fixtures in the building run simultaneously. Wherever water is flowing, stay in the area to monitor drainage for potential problems. Run the hot tap until the water reaches maximum temp and the cold for several minutes. Make sure water is clear in color, odor-free, and flows freely. Again, monitor for proper drainage to avoid flooding!
  • Don’t forget to flush and clean, following manufacturer’s guidelines in all cases, all appliances or machines hooked up to, or that use water. Examples include (but not limited to): Run dishwashers, clean out all ice from freezers, clean freezers thoroughly and run ice makers, then discard first ice made.
  • Drain and refill water heaters.
  • Flush all toilets and urinals to ensure proper flow.
  • Check for dry traps. If water is supposed to flow from it or drain out of it, make sure it is still flowing and draining.

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