Called three other places to clear a clog before calling Rapid Rooter. All others were unable to come out the same evening due to scheduling conflicts. Michael arrive in less than 90 min and immediately got to work. He spent a good amount of time attempting to find my clean out drain in the front of my house. He event went as far as to go down the street to ask my neighbor, who had the same layout, if they had a clean out. Unfortunately, they didn’t which meant my house didn’t either. He was kind enough to do all this before charging 100$ for a scope to find the clean out, saving me 100$!

He offered to put in a clean out, but we weren’t ready to do that at the moment. So we opted to have him pull the toilet and run a snake to clear the clog. Michael was fast, CLEAN and very friendly.

My wife and I were extremely happy with his service and will be using this company again.