We have an old home. Over the years, we’ve tried different plumbing companies. Most were okay, although inconsistent, in either price or quality of work. Also, we often had someone different each time, perhaps expecting yet losing a favorite who was “good.” I learned about Rapid Rooter from a local hardware store, when our toilet decided to reverse direction during a busy time for most people.

In our 2 1/2 years with Rapid Rooter, from day 1, this company and its employees (pleasant people, at that) — from the person who answers the phone to the repairperson I want to hug — have consistently come through for us — not only in response time, but in caring, quality of service, and price (where possible, voluntarily discounted). As if that wasn’t enough, this is the first company to educate us about why our home might be manifesting ongoing problems, and offer a long-term solution — not as a manipulated sale, but as an option to minimize problems, at an affordable (if not voluntarily discounted) rate and a time convenient to us.

Example: Our bottom floor toilet was unblocked yesterday afternoon, when Rapid Rooter provided quick, friendly, excellent, same day service. A couple of hours later, the 2nd floor toilet (that had seemed fine) backflowed at dinnertime, enough that our ceiling has a sizable spot of wetness. Planning to leave a message, with the hope of an appointment the next morning, a human answered the phone. Rapid Rooter was committed to sending someone out that night, once he finished his current job. It was getting late. We decided to wait until the following morning, and our new favorite, Steve Yarbrough, returned this morning and competently corrected two problems within a short timeframe.

Steve repaired our faucet a month out of warranty, and unblocked our upstairs toilet, all for a cup of coffee. (I’d already been informed when I made the appointment that there would not be a charge for the upstairs toilet. I offered to pay for the faucet and offered coffee; Steve accepted only the coffee, with his compliments, no less.)

A neighbor recently criticized people like me who recommend a corporation over someone “local.” My response: The “local” company wasn’t available for another 2 days. And, a corporation can be staffed by “local” people who give it a small-company feel. I asked how long Steve had been with Rapid Rooter: 35 years. “It’s like a marriage.”

THANK YOU Rapid Rooter. We’re lifers. (Thank you, Steve.)