I have had a problem with a clogged pipe for months. I have had it snaked twice by another company the past couple of years and it still continue to clog. Christian came out and did his best to undo the clog, but it just wanted to show how stubborn it was. He didn’t give up and had reinforcements show up. After multiple attempts and a snake getting caught, a camera was used and they found a hole in the pipe. If it weren’t for the clog being so stubborn a camera may not have been used and the hole would have continued to go unnoticed.

We made a decision to fix the pipe and put a clean catch in the same spot. I was extremely happy that the break was outside the house. Travis was awesome. After having the concrete cut, he took over and cut the pipe, put in the clean catch, cemented the area back up, removed all the old concrete and debris and it looks like nothing happened.

It was reading the other positive reviews that made me choose Rapid Rooter and I’m extremely happy I did. And the overall cost was very reasonable.

Oh, and the girls at the office who answered my multiple calls were very friendly and informative.