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Sewer Line

Do you ever really think about your sewer line? If you’re like most customers, you probably forget that it exists-until gray water is covering the floor of your newly renovated home. Before you need to call a plumber and schedule a sewer line repair in Sacramento, read on to get to know how your sewer line works.

How Drain Lines Work

Your home’s drain system is punctuated with ventilation pipes that carry sewer gases away from living spaces. These ventilation pipes carry no water and exit through the roof. Usually, plumbing fixtures are each equipped with a trap. This familiar section of piping can be seen under a kitchen or bathroom sink. Traps serve an important purpose. The water holding in the trap “traps” sewer gases in the pipe preventing them from escaping into your home. And it is always possible, if you drop a piece of jewelry or other item down the drain, it might get trapped in the trap and easily rescued. A trap keeps water standing in your toilet, which sits on top of the largest drain pipe in your home. Your home’s drains flow into the toilet drain under your home. It carries waste water to the lateral pipe that leads to the city or septic system. New homes will have a separate Y-shaped pipe installed near the home to provide access for easy cleaning. In older homes, you may need to have one installed in order to gain access for cleaning.

Sanitary vs. Storm Sewers

The sanitary sewers that carry waste water from residential and commercial buildings are separate from the storm sewer system. Storm sewers carry rain water runoff, and ground water, away from over-saturated areas to large water bodies such as rivers or streams.

Fixing Clogs

While it might seem like clearing a clog from the kitchen trap is a quick job with easy cleanup, it is always best to call on the experience of a plumber. Recurring problems, and problems where all the drains have flow problems, or when water clears one drain and backs up into another demand the experience of a professional. Trenchless Sewer Replacement is a long term solution when repeated clogs due to damaged lines occur.

Best Solution

When you need professionals with expert knowledge, call Rapid Rooter Plumbing at (916)448-2672. Service Technicians are ready to help when you need it.


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