Preventative Services

Commercial drains, typically, backup as a result of residue from grease and food particles being washed down the drain. Other foreign items such as paper towels, mop strings, straws, and feminine hygiene products create blockages that can hinder otherwise smooth operations, especially in kitchens and restroom facilities.

Routinely scheduled preventative services are a key ingredient to reduce the risk of operational disruptions at the most inopportune times. Just as you routinely maintain cleaning and routine maintenance of visible areas at your place of business, it is good not to neglect more invisible disasters that could impede an otherwise efficient operation.
Drains are particularly problematic during busy times. Common sense tells us when the drains are put under more stress, such as during a noon lunch rush at a restaurant, or during high occupancy times, the drains are more likely to back up when they are not routinely maintained.

The solution is a preventative maintenance program that allows you to schedule service before the emergency, and at a time when it has minimal impact on your business. Your employees will appreciate the smooth operations, and your business can be at its most functional when business demand is high.

If you have a current emergency, call us at 916-448-2672 or 1-800-483-5697 for immediate relief and we can discuss a preventative program after we have contained your emergency. If you are looking to prevent an emergency before it happens, contact us now for an appointment to discuss options for emergency prevention.