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    When you need reliable toilet repair or toilet installation in the greater Sacramento area, call Rapid First Plumbing, serving home and business owners in the region since 1974. We take pride in being the go-to professionals for area residents, ensuring that their bathrooms are functioning flawlessly and efficiently.

    Common Toilet Problems & Their Causes

    Once installed, the odds are your toilet is going to give you hears of carefree service. However, while they’re sturdy and dependable, over time toilets can face a range of issues. Some of the most frequent problems and their causes include:

    • Constant Running Water: This issue is often due to a faulty flapper valve controlling the water that passes from the tank to the bowl.
    • Toilet Doesn’t Flush Completely: A problem with the flush valve system or the level of water in the toilet tank can contribute to this issue.
    • Toilet Clogs: This problem is usually the result of flushing down non-flushable items or to accumulated waste over time. A rule of thumb to follow: Only flush toilet paper and human waste down your toilet to avoid toilet problems.
    • Leaky Seals: A toilet has several seals that have varying levels of vulnerability to leaking, and wear and tear on these seals can sometimes lead to a leaking toilet.
    • Water Leaking from Tank to Toilet Bowl: Worn-out tank bolts or bowl-to-tank gaskets are usually the cause of this problem.

    Understanding the cause of the problem is crucial to fixing it. Our expert team of licensed plumbers at Rapid First Plumbing is well-equipped and knowledgeable in diagnosing and resolving these issues promptly.

    Toilet Replacement and Installation

    There are several reasons you might consider installing a new toilet rather than repair your current one, and these include:

    • Aging: The older the toilet the more prone it will be to problems.
    • Frequent Repairs: If you’re repeatedly scheduling repair services, it may be less costly to replace your toilet instead of repairing it again.
    • Water Efficiency: Newer models use less water, leading to significant savings on water bills.
    • Modern Upgrade: Modern designs can give your bathroom a newer, more up-to-date look.
    • Increase in Home Value: In addition to a new, updated look, a newly replaced toilet that should not need any repair services for years to come can add to the resale value of your home.

    Why Choose Rapid First Plumbing?

    Sure, there are plenty of plumbers in the Sacramento area who can repair toilets, but here are just a few of the reasons why Rapid First Plumbing should be on your speed dial when you need toilet repairs or any other plumbing services.

    • Decades of Experience: As we’ve said, we have served the Sacramento area since 1974, and during those years we’ve mastered the art of plumbing excellence.
    • Quality Service, Every Time: We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.
    • Prompt and Professional: Our expert plumbers ensure your issue is addressed quickly and effectively.

    For toilet repair and replacement services, Rapid First Plumbing takes a backseat to no one! When you need repair or replacement services, call us and we’ll be right over.

    Since 1974 Rapid First Plumbing has replaced thousands of water
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    We had an emergency with sewer system called came out right away, fixed the problem this is our 3 time and each time everything fixed in a very professional manner wouldn’t call anyone else they are the best. Jake (46) very thorough, calm , patience and professional even when I was freaking out great job the best. Keep up the excellent work!!!!!!

    ~ Corrine F., October 22

    I just wanted to give you positive feedback on one of your employees who provided after-hours service at our home in Dixon. Jake was our technician. He was incredibly competent and professional, fixing the problem in very short order and with high quality craftsmanship. Additionally, he has some of the best customer relations skills of anyone I have met. He is friendly and very courteous. As I’m sure you know already, he is an incredible asset to your company and I wanted to give you confirmation from the customer’s perspective.

    ~ Jeff M. Dixon, August 30

    Our toilet backed up and flooded the back of the house about a month after fly by night plumbing guaranteed all was well. It was well after hours and a nice thunderstorm was drenching the property. Rapid rooter was the only only company that would send someone out that night. We were lucky enough to have Charles 95 sent out to us. From the moment he arrived he made sure we understood that wherever the problem was he would fix it. He was correct. He was courteous and considerate throughout his entire visit. It took over and hour to find and fix the problem and at nine o’clock at night those are admirable traits. If we ever have any plumbing issues again we are going to give Charles a call.

    ~ Tim C., November 10

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