Eco Friendly Products

Eco Friendly Residential Plumbing Products for the Sacramento, CA, Area

Drain Cleaner and Septic Tank Treatment

  • Fresh Clean Scent
  • Natural and nontoxic ingredients
  • Absorbs grease and organic buildup
  • Regular monthly treatment reduces frequency of backups
  • Excellent solution for healthy drain and septic systems

What is it?

  • Drain Cleaner and Septic Tank Treatment is a concentrated preventative cleaner specifically designed to help your drains prevent waste build-up.

How do I use it?

  • After we clean your drain, regular monthly treatment of Drain Cleaner and Septic Tank Treatment is the best way to extend time between cleanings.
  • Mix 2 oz of Drain Cleaner with 32 ounces of warm water and pour down your kitchen sink, bathroom sinks/tubs/showers, and laundry drains. Let stand overnight. You don’t even have to run water the next morning. Go about your normal daily household activities and you are done until next month.

How does it work?

  • Uses “nice bacteria” that creates enzymes to break down and digest grease and waste building in your drains.
  • Clean refreshing scent that deodorizes as it cleans and removes waste that cause unpleasant odors.

Is it safe to use on all drains?

  • Yes

Is it safe for the environment and around food?

  • Yes. It is NSF Approved that means the product is safe to use in your kitchen.
  • Drain Cleaner and Septic Tank Treatment is regularly reviewed by The EcoLogo program to ensure the product continues to reflect environmental leadership.

Every year, homeowners spend millions of dollars on drain cleaning products. Usually purchased off the shelf from local stores, many of these products contain harmful chemicals you may touch or even breathe. Once a harmful drain cleaner is poured down the drain, it is easy to forget – “out of sight, out of mind” – it travels down the line to end up in wastewater and sewage treatment facilities. Some chemicals do not get completely removed from the water before it is released into the environment causing danger to water quality, fish and wildlife.

Drain Cleaner and Septic Tank Treatment is the natural safe solution to reduce frequency of backups. After Rapid First Plumbing professionally cleans your drains, regular monthly treatments of biological elements attack organic build-up in your drains. It is also a great solution if you are on septic where dangerous chemicals could leach into the ground. The nontoxic enzymes are a perfect solution for environmentally friendly living.

Rapid First customers have been enjoying the benefits of Plumbing Drain Cleaner and Septic Tank Treatment for years. We pride ourselves on having recognized the dangers of caustic drain cleaner years before it became popular to be green. In fact, since our beginning in 1974, we have never offered anything but environmentally safe solutions for drain care.