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Had a blockage in the main line yesterday, and one of our shower drains was backing up badly. Had a lot of disgusting looking stuff in the shower pan! I called my regular guy, but they couldn't make it out until late Monday. That was going to be a 4 day wait! Well, my wife wasn't going for that, so I started a search for another company. Long story short, I read reviews about Rapid Rooter, and gave them a call. The nice lady who answered the phone, said she could have someone over in about 90 minutes. So, in about an hour, I got a followup call saying the tech would be at my house in 30 minutes. And sure enough, he was right on time. His name was Travis, and he was a very nice and professional young man. He went right to work after introductions etc, and proceeded snaking my line from the main clean out out front. The culprit was a small ball of tree roots. He cleaned the lines out thoroughly, and also, which I didn't expect, dropped a camera down, and let me see the whole line going out to the street. It all looked good. He also said it would be a fairly easy fix later on, if I wanted to repair the joint that was allowing the roots to come in. He also pin pointed right where the joint was so if I wanted to dig and expose it myself, it would save me a lot of money when I decided to have it repaired. The total cost was more than I usually pay, but just the fact they came out when I needed them, seem to make it all worth it. Plus, having the camera there, was a bonus. No one really wants to ever have to call a plumber, but when you have to, it's nice to know that there's good ones out there like Travis and Rapid Rooter! I wouldn't hesitate to call them again!

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We are not just the Sacramento Area’s #1 drain and sewer cleaning specialists, we are a full service plumbing company. In fact, our Rapid Response Team is so well known as the go-to team for drain problems, it’s easy to forget our Rapid Response Team can handle ALL your plumbing service needs.

If you have a clogged drain, you don’t need to go any further.  Click on the Drain & Sewer Button above and you will learn all about the ways we can assist you with anything from your kitchen sink clog, to a crisis such as a major sewer back up.

Now if your sewer has been a constant problem, we certainly encourage you to consider replacement by using our trenchless sewer technology. Our friendly plumbers are experts at cleaning drains, but a more permanent solution will ultimately be necessary. If you have a finicky sewer line, and are ready for solution options, click on our Residential Trenchless Technology Button and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate to solve that problem.

Water heaters are rarely top of mind until they don’t work. We are ready to respond proactively to replace your gas water heater, electric water heater, or install a new tankless water heater before the meltdown. That being said, if the meltdown occurs, call us and we will be there to solve your residential water heater problem. Click on the Residential Water Heater Button for more information.

With water conservation top of mind, and new regulations being added routinely, click on our Residential Plumbing Button to learn all of the ways we can replace your plumbing fixtures with water saving options.


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